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  • Rohan Young Photographer

    Developing the story of an organisation is vital to engage the imagination of investors, ensure employees are connected to the big picture, and to create a history of the major outputs of an organisation's endeavour. Photography is a crucial element of all internal and external communications, beyond the boundaries of Public Relations messaging, there is a historical context, and a celebration of the work of individuals and teams in the creation of Melbourne's industry, architecture, art and fashion.

    Rohan has the capability to translate the corporate vision and an organisations' values into images that can be used to communicate with internal stakeholders, shareholders and customers, via prospectus', board reports, marketing collateral and websites. The quality of Rohan's work stems, not only from his understanding of how to create the right image, but from the personal relationships he builds with his clients. Willingly investing time to find the right series of images to meet each clients' specific requirements, he brings the ability to translate even the simplest of briefs into a collection, that will address the communication need.